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Waiting on Wednesday (3) Tandem

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 10:55 AM with 37 comments

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This week I'm waiting on:

Tandem (Many-Worlds, #1)
Title: Tandem
Author: Anna Jarzab
Publisher: Delacorte Books
Release Date: October 8, 2013

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Everything repeats.
You. Your best friend. Every person you know.
Many worlds. Many lives--infinite possibilities.
Welcome to the multiverse.

Sixteen-year-old Sasha Lawson has only ever known one small, ordinary life. When she was young, she loved her grandfather's stories of parallel worlds inhabited by girls who looked like her but led totally different lives. Sasha never believed such worlds were real--until now, when she finds herself thrust into one against her will.

To prevent imminent war, Sasha must slip into the life of an alternate version of herself, a princess who has vanished on the eve of her arranged marriage. If Sasha succeeds in fooling everyone, she will be returned home; if she fails, she'll be trapped in another girl's life forever. As time runs out, Sasha finds herself torn between two worlds, two lives, and two young men vying for her love--one who knows her secret, and one who thinks she's someone she's not.

The first book in the Many-Worlds Trilogy, Tandem is a riveting saga of love and betrayal set in parallel universes in which nothing--and no one--is what it seems.

Why I'm excited:

I really enjoyed this author's All Unquiet Things and that synopsis sounds awesome. Parallel worlds/lives is definitely having its YA moment (Pivot Point, Parallel, As I Wake). As with all trends in books, there are bound to be some winners and losers. Here's hoping this one lives up to the hype. And that cover! With the raven and the pretty stars behind her. Love!

So what are you anxiously waiting for on this last Wednesday in April? Sound off below.
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  1. This sounds really interesting and that cover is definitely an eye catcher. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. I haven't read anything from this author, but it sounds good! New follower on Bloglovin.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  3. Oh that sounds really cool. It definitely has some potential for me.

    Thanks for stopping by my WoW!

    Alyssa @ Swept Away By Books

  4. Oo yes I do think this premise is interesting! I just finished Pivot Point and LOVED it so I'm crossing my fingers that this one is a winner too :) Great pick!

    Thanks for visiting!
    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  5. Ahhhh, great choice! This was my pick last week, so I guess I'm on a parallel worlds roll! Love this one's cover, too. :D

  6. I have had my eye on this one for awhile thanks to the cover and the parallel world premise. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I haven't read anything by this author yet. I'll have to add this to my TBR list. Thanks!

  8. New to me author and book. I love the sound of it - and that it's a trilogy!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  9. Why haven't I heard of this book before? It sounds so good! This is definitely going on my TBR list! Great pick :)

  10. Multiverse novels are definitely big this year, and so far, I haven't been disappointed with the ones I've read. I hope Tandem is no different because it sounds AMAZING. Great pick!

  11. This sounds pretty awesome and I hadn't heard of it. I love that cover too! =)

  12. Oh wow, this book looks AMAZING! I don't think I've read a multi-universe book before and this one looks fantastic. :) Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention! :D I'm adding it to my TBR list, I can't wait for it to be release. ^.^
    Happy Reading! :D

    Tiffa @ The British Book Nerd

    1. Also, thanks for stopping by WoW post! ^.^

  13. I've heard of this one! The author is really nice. I definitely think this is one that I would read! :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  14. Ooh, I recently heard about this one, and it looks really good! Great post :D

    -Brad @ BookYAReview

    {new follower!}

  15. Oh my goodness, the cover is sooo pretty! I'll have to check this one out! :)

    My WOW

  16. If that amazing cover isn't enough to push me into reading it, the synopsis is!! This type of story is definitely popular this year, and I'm looking forward to reading this one as well! Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. This sounds really good! I will definitely have to add it to my TBR list! Thanks for stopping by my WoW

  18. I'm liking this trend of parallel worlds, too! And the cover for this one is awesome!

    My WoW

  19. Ahhh! I've been seeing this alot. I can't wait either! The cover is awesome and the synopsis sounds so neat. Definitely my type of book!

    Thanks for stopping by my WOW!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  20. I'm waiting for this too! It sounds pretty interesting :)

  21. Lmao I have the High School Musical song stuck in my head after reading your last sentence. xD Parallel Universe books have definitely been getting popular! I really hope this one lives up to the hype too, because that cover is just too pretty to go to waste!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  22. This looks great!! I've never heard of this author! I'll have to check her out :)

    Jessi @ Bookshelf 308

  23. I likey! I haven't heard of this one yet, and I am definitely adding it to my TBR pile. I will have my eye out for Tandem in the future. And I agree! That cover is stunning! Great pick, Natalie! Thanks for pointing out to me!

  24. I hadn't heard of this one but onto the TBR pile it goes! I hope it's a hit instead of a miss :)

    Thanks for swinging by YA Book Crush earlier to check out my WoW entry.

  25. Looking forward to this as well. Great choice!

    My WOW

  26. Wow I haven't heard of this one but I am so adding it to my list. Thank you for sharing such an awesome sounding book.

    Thank you for stopping by from Reese's @Reese's Reviews: MA2F

  27. I haven't seen this one yet. Will be waiting for your review.

  28. I haven't heard of this one but sounds interesting

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  29. Great pick! This one sounds really interesting. Love the idea of parallel worlds, so much can be done with it.

  30. I've loved parallel/alternate worlds since Philip Pullman's His Dark Material's trilogy, so this one sounds like just my cup of tea. Thanks for dropping by!

    -Amanda @ elfswood

  31. This one sounds really interesting, and it's new to me! I'll have to add it to my list, especially since the commenter above me mentioned His Dark Materials (loved it!). Great pick :)

  32. Tandem sounds really good, it kind of reminds me of the book Pivot Point that read earlier this year, and really loved. Enjoy. Thanks for visiting my site. :)

  33. I haven't read All Unquiet Things, but I must agree that parallel lives/alternate realities premises definitely seem to be trending now in YA! I like the concepts in theory but actually haven't read many of the books yet...I need to remedy that. And yes, that is a very cool cover!

  34. Oh man.....this is ALSO in my WoW list! Waaaay on the top and the cover is beautiful plus, the concept is the book is SUPER amazing. Thanks for stopping by :)

    Jahzeiah @ Mermaed Books

  35. I've seen this book cover floating around, and this is on my TBR, too. If it's even half as good as Pivot Point, I'm sure I'd love it!

    Thanks for visiting.
    Stephanie (Go Flash Go) @ Read, Rinse, Repeat

  36. I have this one in my TBR list, but I hadn't seen the cover before and I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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