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10 Years (Movie Review)

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Ten Years





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Release Date:  September 14, 2012

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The night before their high school reunion, a group of friends realize they still haven't quite grown up in some ways.  




Even though this movie has a stellar cast: Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Justin Long, Kate Mara, it really flew under the radar when it was released a little over a year ago. I rented this when it first came out on DVD and then watched it again last month when I saw it was on Starz. The premise of the movie is simple: a group of friends met up for one of the pre-events of their 10 year high school reunion. While not very original, I really enjoyed this simple, charming movie. 


The movie follows 4 or 5 main stories centered around a group of friends who are reuniting for the reunion. Channing's character, Jake, is there with his girlfriend, Jess (played by his real-life wife), but is both excited and dreading seeing his ex-girlfriend, Mary (Dawson), who is there with her husband. The two were extremely close in high school and both are still a bit hung up on each other. Jake is ready to move on with Jess, but cannot help but feel drawn to Mary. While none of the stories are the "main story", this one did seem a bit more prominent than the others. You can tell that Jake really loves his girlfriend, but you can see how much Jake and Mary meant to each other. There really is nothing like a first love and this movie really showcases that without turning cheesy or melancholy.



Chris Pratt's character, Cully, is now married with a couple of kids. He was a bully in high school and wants to make it up to the boys he bullied--one guy in particular--but he gets completely wasted and continues to make an ass of himself in front of his old classmates while his wife watches on in horror. I could completely relate to the wife in this scenario. Frankly, I think most wives (and husbands) have watched on in horror while their shit-faced spouse has made an ass of him/herself. What I loved about this movie and the actors was that it wasn't one-dimensional. Yes, he was making an ass of himself and he used to be a bully, but you can see that his heart is in the right place. He really does want to redeem himself. His wife is horrified by his behavior, but she also knows that he is a good person and she is mad at him for making an ass of himself while also wanting to protect him from judgement. 



Justin Long plays Marty. He and his best friend are both obsessed with catching the eye of their classes' most popular girl. They succeed in talking to her for most of the night, and then are surprised to find out what her real life is like now. There was always that one girl in high school who seemed so perfect, right? Like the other storylines, this one is cute and just so real.



Aubrey Plaza plays a girl who is just along for the ride. It is her husband's reunion and she is shocked to find out that he hung out with the black kids in high school and that he can break dance. This storyline was definitely the smallest. I love Aubrey Plaza and think she makes just about everything better. I think it is kind of crazy to know that your spouse is not who he/she was in high school. It is just such a different atmosphere and you are still figuring out who you are.


My favorite story is that of Kate Mara's Elise and Oscar Isaac's Reeve. Reeve is now a somewhat famous singer with a current song on the radio. He is smitten by Elise and has been for years. Their story is so sweet. That's all I'm going to say about that one.


Overall, I really enjoyed 10 Years. I missed my own 10 year reunion because I was off in Florida getting married, but I think I'll try to make the next one. This movie is sweet and funny and simple. The cast is amazing and really helps to make the movie more than just another reunion movie. Definitely worth the rental if you are looking for something easy to watch, or if you have Starz, it is still showing this month, I think.  


  1. Wow! Natalie! Why haven't I heard of this movie?!?! It sounds great!!! And what a stellar cast! I will definitely be picking this one up!!

    1. I don't think most people have. It really flew under the radar which is weird since the cast is so awesome and the film is really good. Definitely give it a try. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yeah, I didn't know this movie existed either. :) Gonna have to check it out one day when the hubby's not around. A) It's not his type of movie and B) he's already suspicious of my desire to watch all Channing Tatum movies, even the mushy ones I'd normally not be into. :P Sounds fun, though, even if I had zero desire to go to my own ten year reunion. There's a reason I only talk to a select few of those people anymore. :P Thanks for mentioning it's on Starz so I can DVR it! =)

    1. Channing Tatum presented with Mila Kunis (who my husband, understandably, loves) at the Golden Globes and I was, like: look my boyfriend's with your girlfriend. I really liked him in this. I really liked everybody in this. Definitely DVR it. It's worth an hour and a half of your time. I didn't go to my reunion either and only keep in touch with a select few people, but I think I might do my 20 year. I've enjoyed connecting with some people on FB even though I thought I'd never, ever say that.


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