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Stacking the Shelves (40) 2.1.14

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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature hosted by Tyngas Reviews. This meme allows us to share the books we've recently added to our shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! *Clicking the link of a book's title will take you to Goodreads.

I don't have much to report on the job front. I'm still waiting for my official certificate, but I did successfully sign up to work as a sub for one of the charter schools in town. I haven't gotten any jobs yet, but it just happened a couple of days ago, so I'm hoping it won't be too long. I'm going to continue working on a handful of applications over the weekend. It's exciting. I'm so happy that every time I write one of these posts I'm a bit closer to getting into a classroom.

On the blog front I was a bit lazy this week. I did post a discussion post on Monday about Why I'm Over Movie Theaters which has gotten some great responses. On Friday I posted a review of the newly remade Carrie. I was going to write a review for Better Off Friends, but just couldn't get my shit together. Hopefully, I'll get it posted sometime next week. I just finished The Real Prom Queens of Westfield High that comes out Feb. 4th. A review for it should be up Monday or Tuesday.

I got some pretty good books to share with you, so without further adieu. I hope you are all having fantastic weekends!

For Review

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The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick
A man in his late 30s, who has always lived with his mother, is trying to figure out what to do with his life after her death. After finding a "Free Tibet" flyer in her bedroom, he begins writing to Richard Gere. I enjoyed The Silver Linings Playbook, and am looking forward to reading more by Mr. Quick.
White Space by Ilsa Bick
This is billed as The Matrix meets Inkheart, and I have to say that the premise of a girl who can travel through the white space of text is intriguing, but I've seen all kinds of DNF reviews going up for this which is a bummer.
Fates by Lanie Bross
The Greek Fates have always been of huge fascination for me but it is also getting not great reviews from my friends.
The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher
I had featured this a couple of weeks ago when I checked it out from the library. I still haven't read it, but out of nowhere I get approved for it on NG. Like, 2 months after I had requested it and a couple weeks after it was released. Who knows.

What I Bought


About a graduation scavenger hunt. Looks pretty fun.

What I snagged from the library

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The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour 
A boy follows his best friend and her band around the Northwest after graduation and tries to figure out his next step as she pulls further and further away.
Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer S. Holland
I'm not going to lie, I seriously get so lost looking at pictures online of cute animal friendships: A dog and an elephant! A gorilla and a cat! A bear and a tiger! I love that shit and can spend hours oohing and awing over how cute animals can be. This is that. In a book. It's freaking awesome.
The Book of Love by Lynn Weingarten
This is the sequel to the book The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers. A book I don't think many people read. I liked it alright and have been debating whether or not I need to reread it in order to read the sequel...and if I want to if that's the case. This has to be one the worst redesign of a series ever. The cover for the first book in hardback looked like this:

9266804 and now looks like this: 18089922 Seriously, snore. I don't get it. 

So that's it for me this week. I'm pretty excited about what I added to my shelves. What did you add to your shelves? Link me up!
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  1. Ohhh…White Space…I am definitely interested in that one. The concept is very cool. The Killing Woods was creepy and a pretty good psychological thriller. Enjoy your books!

  2. Been hearing very bad things about Fates and White Space. I hope that isn't the case. You got some interesting titles. Come check out my stack as well.

    Books of Love

  3. Ahh, I can't wait to see what you think of The Good Luck of Right Now! I really cannot wait to read that one myself, The Silver Linings Playbook was one of my favourite reads of 2013. Happy reading!

  4. I've seen the same for White Space, but I loved Bick's ASHES trilogy, so I'm still going to try it out when I find the time. I'm just going to go into it with lower expectations than I had. I listened to the audio for The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life, and it was cute, for one of those stories that occurs in the space of one night. I got that same weird approval for The Killing Woods...after I'd already gotten the audio for review and finished it. I liked it, though. And, yeah, that cover redesign is one of the worst. I kind of want to read the first book based on that old cover alone.

  5. Ooo, White Space - I've seen not-so-great things about that one. I'm not even going to attempt O_O And I was so so so excited for Fates! I'd been dying to read that one for months (it felt like years...), and then I read it. And reviewed it. And hated it. Oops? Oh well. I hope you enjoy it more than I did! (Shouldn't be too difficult though lol)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Check out my STS post!

  6. Great group of books. Enjoy your reading. I am a new follower on Bloglovin. Click here to go to Mixed Book Bag

  7. I love scavenger hunts in books so I will definitely check out The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life. I like stories about the fates, but I think I'll pass on Fates. Happy reading and good luck with your job search!

  8. I've had White Space for awhile but I haven't read it yet. I did enjoy her Ashes trilogy (well, maybe enjoy isn't the right word because the series was quite brutal) and it sounds like it's similar as far as the writing style (many POVs, etc). The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life sounds good. Have fun reading! ~Pam

  9. Heh, NetGalley can be a bit strange sometimes. ;) I just finished The Killing Woods! Like, literally, two minutes ago. It was pretty creepy and I did NOT predict the ending at all. Happy reading! My StS!

  10. Nice assortment of books. I hope you enjoy the ones that aren't getting glowing reviews. Every reader's taste is different. Come see what I got at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

  11. I thought Real Prom Queen was a pretty cute read, can't wait to hear your thoughts!
    I've been hearing a lot of mixed things about White Space, it sounds pretty cool but yeah, seems like a lot of DNF. The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life, looks like lots of fun! I'll have to check out that out. Great haul, happy reading!
    Ps. Good luck with the job hunt!

    Cyn @ Book Munchies


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