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Waiting on Wednesday (117) Gena/Finn

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Authors: Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Kelgeson
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Release Date: February 23, 2016

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The story follows the unlikely friendship of two young women forged via fan fiction and message boards, and is told entirely in texts, chats, and blog posts.

Gena and Finn (short for Stephanie) have little in common. Book-smart Gena is preparing to leave her posh boarding school for college; down-to-earth Finn is a twenty-something struggling to make ends meet in the big city. Gena’s romantic life is a series of reluctant one-night-stands; Finn is making a go of it with long-term boyfriend Charlie. But they share a passion for Up Below, a buddy cop TV show with a cult fan following. Gena is a darling of the fangirl scene, keeping a popular blog and writing fan fiction. Finn’s online life is a secret, even from Charlie. The pair spark an unlikely online friendship that deepens quickly (so quickly it scares them both), and as their individual “real” lives begin to fall apart, they increasingly seek shelter online, and with each other.

Why I'm excited:
While this definitely has some echoes of Fangirl, what this really reminds me of is the older chick lit novels in the "Boy Series" by Meg Cabot (The Boy Next Door, and et. al) that are told entirely in emails. I love this format for novels. It makes the story read so quickly. The synopsis also kind of reminds me of Roomies, which was another novel written by two authors about to girls becoming friends long-distance. Overall, this just sounds cute and fun, and I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for it.

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  1. Great pick! This one is new to me. I can't say I have read a book entirely told in emails or blog posts...definitely intrigued!

  2. This sounds great! I love Fangirl and Roomies, and definitely get vibes of both with this description. The use of chats, texts, and blog posts also reminds me of Everything Everything, which uses chats/emails in addition to diary entries and other documents. I'm definitely a sucker for that format.

    (I'm sorry if you get this comment multiple times... I always have trouble commenting on blogspot posts for some reason!)

  3. Sounds very cool! I hope you get to enjoy it!

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