Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why, Publishers, why?! (Episode 6)

Thursday, August 28, 2014 5:03 AM with 8 comments
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My biggest pet peeve is when beautiful HBs turn into lackluster PBs. I completely understand that publishers may choose to change the cover due to various reasons, low sales especially, but the thing for me is: I don't buy new hardcover books. Ever. I can't afford them and I just simply prefer soft covers. Trade PB has always, and will always, been my preferred format. So when I'm salivating over a HB cover only to have it change before it comes out into PB it makes me CRAZY. Publishers would probably make MORE money on PB sales if they kept the amazing HB covers!

So I stand by my title for this post:

Why, Publishers, Why?!

Today's pick:

The Art of Wishing

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I'm at a loss on this one. The HB is so charming with the beautiful blue sky, those fluffy clouds, and the shooting star in the font. I don't understand this redesign at all. What's with the NA looking buff dude? What are the red splotches? Is that blood? Is it supposed to be, like, cherry blossoms or something? Why are their feet so faded? I just don't get it.

Which one do you prefer? The HB or the PB? Neither? Sound off below!


  1. Ewww, the new one just isn't good at all. Who was on crack when they made it?

  2. There are so many times that I'm just totally bitter about redesigns!!! ugh!


  3. This is another one of those times where I don't really care much for either cover. That said, I do prefer the original of the two.

  4. I looooved the original and I was so sad to see it changed. It's ordinary now. And so it the cover to the sequel. Boooo....

  5. The paperback isn't great, but there are no feet on it so it's the winner for me...even if the W in "wishing" looks like a butt drawn by a first grader.

  6. That second cover is.....horrible. At least the first one is adorable.

  7. I didn't even realize that they changed the cover of this. The new one is so out of place. The people are sort of in the sky but yet they are standing on ground. Parts of them are faded, parts aren't. I just don't understand the concept at all! And yeah, what the heck is up with the weird red splotches?

  8. Ew, yuck, this redesign is just awful! That original cover was part of the book's allure. Definitely one for the Kindle if I couldn't procure a copy with the old cover. :(


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