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Stacking the Shelves (6)

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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature hosted by Tyngas Reviews. This meme allows us to share the books we've recently added to our shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! *Clicking the link of a book's title will take you to Goodreads.

E-Book ARCs
The Corner of Bitter and Sweet     The Original 1982: A Novel    Wild Awake  

Crime of Privilege     Ooh La La!  French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day    A Hundred Summers

The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Robin Palmer
This was billed as "Gilmore Girls meets Postcards from the Edge crossed with L.A. Candy". Sounds good to me.
The Original 1982 by Lori Carson
Another novel of two parallel views of what would have happened if a young woman would have made a different decision. Very Sliding Doors
Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith
Early reviews have been pretty positive, so fingers crossed.
Crime of Privilege by Walter Walker
I love books/movies/tv shows about the inner workings of America's richest and most influential families. 
Ooh La La! by Jamie Cat Callan
This just looks cute. I love that cover.
A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams
I know this blog is new, but if you've been following me at all you've probably come to realize that I am an absolute sucker for a cover featuring girls chilling on the beach. A side effect from growing up in Wyoming, I guess.

What I snagged from the library
What's Left of Me (The Hybrid Chronicles, #1)     Icons (Icons, #1)     Crash (Visions, #1)  

The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life       The Catastrophic History of You and Me      Reconstructing Amelia  

    The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Fire and Thorns, #1)     The Monstrumologist (The Monstrumologist, #1)

What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang
I've heard great things about this one, so I'm excited to read it.
Icons by Margaret Stohl
Ok, so I'm not sure why I pre-ordered this from my library because I couldn't get past page 50 of Beautiful Creatures (and I tried, like, 3 times). The cover and synopsis looked/sounded so interesting. Early reviews have been dismal and tell me that I'll be lucky to even get to 50, but I'm gonna give it the old college try.
Crash by Lisa McMann
I really like this cover. The fire reflected in her eyes, the pretty green eyeliner. About a girl who envisions an accident over and over. I got the Playaway and it's only 5 hours long.
Another Playaway. About an all-day scavenger hunt. It sounds fun.
A girl dies of a literal broken-heart and has to go through the 5 stages of grief in order to move on. Another Playaway. Um, I recently discovered them and may have gone a little overboard in my ordering. Thank God the library's free!
Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight
I haven't read any reviews for this one, yet. I've heard it has some twists and turns, so I want to go in blind, but I've seen quite a few 4/5 star ratings, so I'm excited. I love a good twisty book.
This isn't my normal cup of tea, but it looks good and I've heard positive things.
The Monstrumologist  by Rick Yancey
I ordered this book after reading Courtney's review over at Courtney Reads a lot.

That's it for me this week. What about you? What did you get that you can't wait to dive into? Link me up.

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  1. I want your library! LOL. Okay, I got some pretty good ones this week too from my library. I added you twitter if you want to chat books :)

  2. Look the cover of The Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Looks really good, enjoy your new books :)

  3. Ooh, I also have What's Left Of Me in my haul from this week! I hope we both enjoy it :) Plus seeing The Monstrumologist in your post reminded me that I super need to pick up a copy of The Fifth Wave...

    Happy reading to you!!

    Paola @ A Novel Idea

  4. I enjoyed What's left of me and hope you do too.

  5. I'm really liking the cover for The Original 1982 (and the premise). :D Happy reading!

  6. Holy Cow now thats a haul! Hope you have fun reading!
    New GFC and G+ follower
    Danielle @ Coffee and Characters

  7. Wow, you got some great books from the library. Happy reading.

  8. Oh I was curious about The Catastrophic History of You and Me, I heard great things about it and I love the cover. Happy reading!

  9. Oh, Wilde Awake si supposedly something really different if you're expecting a usual contemporary. The love interest is good, I heard. I'm planning on reading Whats Left of Me soon as well. I hope you enjoy all of your amazing goodies, Natalie :-)

  10. Great haul. I have read What's Left Of Me and I really enjoyed it. I wish my library was as good as yours, I would probably visit it more if it was :)

    Check out My haul

  11. So many great books! Oh la la does have a wicked cute cover, and it has me curious! I couldn't get into Beautiful Creatures either, so I'm not 100% sure if Icons will be something I would like. The Girl Of Fire And Thorns has been on my pile for so long, I think I may add that to my summer list of books TBR. Enjoy, all your pretties!

  12. Wow! You got some great books this week. I hope you enjoy them all.

    Thanks for stopping by my STS

    Sabina @ Delirious About Books

  13. A great haul. Happy reading!


  14. Cool haul. Hope you enjoy them.


  15. I read What's Left of Me last year and it was really good. I can't wait to read the sequel. :) I hope you enjoy everything!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  16. I really want to read Wild Awake. I hope that you enjoy it! Have a great week!

  17. Loved The Girl of Fire and Thorns hope you like it even though it's not your usual sort of read. Love the look of the others, I think the only one I've seen a mixed review for is Icons, but I think I'll give it a try. Enjoy :)

  18. Ohh, you got What's Left of Me! :D
    That book was awesome. As for Wild Awake, I've read many mixed reviews on it. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.
    Enjoy all your books and thanks for stopping by my STS! (:

  19. Whoa, such a good haul this week! You got so many awesome books!
    My STS

  20. Ooh, I love/loved/will always love What's Left of Me! Awesome haul, happy reading!

    Thanks for stopping by my StS. :)

  21. I was eying THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, but not sure if I'd like it or not... so I'm looking forward to your review now. And omg so jealous of your library haul! I really want to read WHAT'S LEFT OF ME~ enjoy!

  22. Seriously? I'm thinking the two of us should go on a trip to your library someday soon :) Not even my closest bookstore has that many new, fantastic releases! Also, I really want to read Wild Awake, as well. The reviews for that one until now have all been sooo positive!

  23. I loved Crash---I've enjoyed everything I've ever read by Lisa McMann. I need to start the Fire and Thorns books, I've heard they are amazing!

  24. Wow! How many books do you read in a week? Clearly a lot more than me! Nice haul.

  25. Woah, big haul for you this week! I almost requested The Corner of Bitter and Sweet because I love the cover and description, but I've got too many ARC for around that time already :/
    I still think Wild Awake sounds awesome but the reviews I have read were mixed and somewhat confused.
    I'd love to read Reconstructing Amelia! It sounds so intriguing and I like that it's other people trying to get a glimpse back at her life.
    I hope you enjoy all your new books! Thanks for stopping by earlier, and sorry it took a while to get back to you! I was away for the weekend...

  26. I got the Monstrumologist this week too. And great ARCs! I've heard good things about Wild Awake. Enjoy your books :)

    My Mailbox

  27. What a sigh-inducing haul! So excited for The Corner of Bitter and Sweet...that description sounds perfect to me! :) Those library books all sound awesome, too. Not gonna lie, though, my favorite in that list is probably The Girl of Fire and Thorns. I ADORE Rae Carson's books. :) Enjoy all your new reads!


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