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Waiting on Wednesday (28) Now and Forever

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Now & Forever

Author: Susane Colasanti
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Release Date: May 20, 2014

Synopsis Goodreads:
What if your boyfriend was the world's biggest rockstar?

Sterling is crazy in love with Ethan. Not only is he the sweetest boy she's ever met, but he's an incredibly talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter. And since forever, he's believed he has what it takes to be a star.

When Ethan becomes an overnight sensation, he's thrown head-first into the glam world of celebrity-and so is Sterling. Before she knows it, she's attending red-carpet premieres, getting free designer clothes, and flying around the country to attend Ethan's monumental sold-out concerts.

It's a dream come true...but whose dream is Sterling living? And what do you do when "forever" comes to an end?

Why I'm Excited:

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Susane Colasanti.The synopsis always sounds so cute, but all of her characters sound like the same flaky airhead. However, I'm going to keep an open mind here because this really does sound pretty awesome. It isn't the most original idea, but I am curious about how girlfriends handle their boyfriends hitting it big. I would never want to date somebody famous. The money would be nice, of course, but I would hate to be with somebody who is constantly followed by the paparazzi and who is getting hit on by other girls constantly. So while I'm about weary about this author's works, I'm still definitely picking this up.

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  1. I haven't read any of her books, but the concept sounds interesting. It almost sounds like they will not stay together, which deviates from the usual happily ever after in a lot of YA books. I will have to check out some reviews before deciding on this one.

    Here is my WoW:

  2. I read my first Colasanti book last summer and it was really cute, but it wasn't my favorite. I like the premise of this one and I could see many young adults enjoying it too. Great pick!

  3. Sounds interesting so im going to add this to my TBR list, thanks for sharing!
    Check out our WOW of this week.

    Leydy @OUaT & RCE

  4. I love the sound of this book! Music books are some of my favorites, when they are done right! Great pick!

  5. Awesome pick and like Christianna said music books are my fav too! Can't wait for this one!

    Check out our Waiting on Wednesday

    Doris @ Owl Always Be Reading

  6. Books with music are definitely ones that I enjoy. Great pick, it sounds good.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever's WoW

  7. I haven't ever read anything by her but when I first saw this one I decided this would be the one I would start with!

    Great choice :) My WoW

  8. I haven't read anything by Susane Colasanti, but Now & Forever sounds good, and I wonder how the girlfriend is going to end up handling her boyfriend suddenly turning Rockstar. You might need some tissues Natalie, it kinda sounds like it might have some heartfelt moments! But those are usually great YA :)

  9. I haven't really read anything by Susane Colasanti, but this one sounds really, really good so I'll definitely be picking it up when it's released!

    My WoW

  10. I have actually never read a Susane Colosanti book. I've always wanted to try, many books! This one does sound cute, but if she handles the famous over night thing wrong, this book will probably be flushed down the toilet...

  11. I've never actually read a Susane Colosanti book, but I've got several on my TBR. Hmm...flaky airheads, huh? We have similar taste, so I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same. Hope you enjoy it more than the others you've read from this author!

  12. I didn't realize she had another book coming out so fast. I've only read one book from her and enjoyed it. Yeah, this concept has been done before but you usually don't see a couple before the fame. It's usually always a rock star /celebrity falls in love with someone not famous. But here they are together before he gets big which could be really interesting to read.

  13. I haven't read a Colsanti book but this does sound really cute! I love contemps, but I hate when you can't stand the characters!

  14. So I'm reading the description and I'm thinking, I don't usually like Susanne Colsanti, but the premise sounds interesting and god it would suck to be dating someone famous. And then I read your thoughts and they were exactly the same. Creepy! Great choice, even though I haven't had luck with her other books I might have to give this one a try.

  15. I love me a rock star! This sounds great, Natalie. Adding this to my TBR!

  16. I haven't read this author, but it does sound cute. Could be a fun summer read. Great pick! ~Pam


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