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Waiting on Wednesday (95) Things I Can't Explain

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Things I Can't Explain

Author: Mitchell Kriegman
Publisher: Thomas Dunne
Release Date: November 10, 2015

Link to Goodreads:

Things I Can’t Explain is a complete re-imagining of Clarissa Explains it All, as 20-something Clarissa tries to navigate the unemployment line, mompreneurs and the collision of two people in love.

She was a smart, snappy, light-hearted girl who knew it all at fourteen. Now a woman in her late twenties, her searching blue eyes are more serious, but mostly amused by the people around her. The gap-toothed smile that made her seem younger than she really was is gone, but she still lightens up the room. Her unpredictable wardrobe rocks just like when she was a kid, but her fashion sense has evolved and it makes men and women turn their heads.

After leaving high school early, Clarissa interned at the Daily Post while attending night school. At the ripe old age of twenty- two she had it made – her own journalism beat (fashion, gender politics and crime), an affordable apartment in FiDi and a livable wage. She was so totally ahead of the game. Ah, those were the days! All three of them. Remember the Stock Market Crash of 08? Remember when people actually bought newspapers?

All of Clarissa’s charming obsessions, charts, graphs, and superstitions have survived into adulthood, but they’ve evolved into an ever-greater need to claw the world back under control. Her mid-twenties crisis has left her with a whole set of things she can’t explain: an ex-boyfriend turned stalker, her parents’ divorce, a micro relationship with the cute coffee guy, java addiction, “To-Flue Glue,” and then there’s Sam. Where’s Sam anyway?

Things I Can't Explain is about knowing it all in your teens and then feeling like you know nothing in your twenties.
Why I'm excited:

I loved the show Clarissa Explains It All when I was younger. I thought Clarissa was so freaking cool. I am both excited and terrified of this book. It's weird, right? I would never have thought that they would make a book about the show so long after it was over. That said, I'm so curious about this that there is no way I'm not going to pick it up. Anybody else remember this show?

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  1. I haven't read the first book or is it even the first book so I can't relate to this book but it looks interesting.
    My Waiting on Wednesday

  2. OMG. I LOVED this show when I was younger....had no clue there was going to be a book, so thanks for putting this on my radar! How fun! It does make me nervous though....it's sort of like the adult Sweet Valley High book that came out a few years ago and it was a flop......I hope this one doesn't disappoint! Great pick, Natalie!

  3. I hope you enjoy the book! Check out my WoW!

  4. I've been following your blog around (reading) but I guess I always forgot to add u GFC and blogloving. That tends to happen sometimes to me, no hard feelings though. This book looks very interesting and something that I'm definitely interested in for the future of my reading career. Love the blog design too!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  5. I do not remember this show. At all. But maybe I'll have to check out the book, I do like the synopsis. ~Pam


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