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Weekly Rewind 12.12.15

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Weekly Rewind
The new books on my shelves and my week in a nutshell.

Since I started this blog I've participated in Stacking the Shelves, which is a weekly feature hosted by Tynga's Reviews, and I'm going to continue linking to that meme. Throughout my student teaching semester I was using my weekend post as a way to let people know what's going on in my life, so I've decided to rename my weekend post because this feature is more personal than just what books I've received. The Weekly Rewind will be about what's going on with me and my blog, as well as about the books I've added to my shelves.

My Life and blog

Life: Just one more week until Christmas break. One. More. Week. You can feel it in the air, too, the kids are getting so restless...I'm getting so restless. They'll be working on a research project for the majority of next week, though, so I'll mostly just be letting them go to work on it. I'm staying in VA again this weekend...and my husband is staying in PA. I was hoping he was going to make it down, but he isn't. I'll be home for two weeks starting next Friday, though, so it isn't too bad. I'm so beat that I'm debating between taking a nap after I type this up, or just going to bed super early. Either way, I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of reading, sleeping, and watching TV (and grading a huge pile of the tests that they took today).

Blog and reading: Just a WoW this week. My desire to blog has been pretty low lately. I'm hoping to get some more posts up (and some more scheduled) during the break. My husband is pretty obsessed with his newest PS4 game, so I know I'll have plenty of time to entertain myself over those 2 weeks (and I am going to bust my ass to get all my grading done before Friday so I won't even have to THINK about school over break). This week I finished both Killer Instinct and All In (the second and third books of The Naturals series). I liked the second book more than the third, but enjoyed both. I finished listening to Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein during my journey home from school today. I enjoyed it, as well, although I really only know her from Portlandia and the book is about her time in Sleater-Kinney. I've been reading This is Where it Ends off and on. School shooting books are, for obvious reasons, hard for me to read. I also plan to start All Fall Down this weekend so that I can jump into the second book before it releases. There is also a very good chance that I will start The Unexpected Everything this weekend. I don't think I can wait. I plan to listen to Vicious by V.E. Schwab next which is one of my all-time favorite novels. I was thrilled when I saw my library had it on CD. I can't wait to listen to the audio version!

New Books: Just a couple of review books today, plus a handful of library books. I kind of like these smaller hauls, to be honest, I'm trying not to let my review book overwhelm me, but sometimes I do feel a bit over my head. I just don't have the time or energy to read more than a book or two a week, but tend to add several new books every week. Blah, blah. You've all heard this before. I tend to ramble when I'm tired. Also, I seriously apologize if you've left a comment the past couple of weeks and I didn't get back to you. I've been so busy with school these past couple of weeks and was sick last weekend to boot. I promise I'll be by your blogs this weekend! So, anyhoo, I hope you all have fabulous weekends!

For Review

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The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
Was there squealing involved when I got this? Why, yes, yes there was.
This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp
I'm about 1/3 of the way through this, and while it is well-written, I am struggling to get through the tough material.
See How They Run by Ally Carter
I have, but haven't read, the first book in this series. I plan to start it this weekend. I love the author's Heist Society books, but have never gotten into the Gallagher Girls series.

What I snagged from the library

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All In by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
I finished this today during my lunch break. While this was my least favorite of the series so far, I enjoyed it enough to continue the series when the next book comes out next year.
Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton
I've had this a couple of time, but just haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend, as well. I LOVE books that focus on the world of ballet, so it is definitely right up my alley.
This is also one I've had before, but one I do truly want to hopefully this time I'll get to it.

Yaaaasssss! So excited! Amy Schumer is my favorite. I saw her live a few years ago and have been so happy to see her star continue to rise since then. She's hilarious.

Well that's it for me this week. Feel free to leave a link to whatever weekend post you do (Stacking the Shelves, In My Mailbox, etc). I love to see what books people have recently snagged and especially enjoy hearing about my fellow bloggers' weeks. I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!


  1. I feel like I haven't dropped by here in ages! Hi! Your haul looks good, and oh man, I need to read Vicious... especially since there was a sequel announced.

    My STS.

  2. I really want to read The Unexpected Everything. Enjoy your new books!
    My STS

  3. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Unexpected Morgan Matson! I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Awesome haul of books. This is Where It Ends sounds like it deals with a very heavy issue.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. Another great haul. Hope you enjoy your quiet weekend. I may have to check out that Pagen Jones book.

  6. A new Morgan Matson - squeegee! I'm waiting to get the cd of Carrie's new book from the library - love her and know her from Portlandia, too. And Amy is one of my faves too. The break should be a good one for you with a bit less driving. Happy reading.

  7. I'm glad for winter break, too! It's hard living distant from your husband, hopefully you'll see him soon! Good luck on the review books! I tend to overwhelm myself too.

  8. Just get through this week, and you'll be good! I have one week left as well - I need to take a few finals, do a few papers/projects, and then I'm free! LOL. No big deal. I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a fantastic weekend. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  9. Amazing haul...The Unexpected Everything looks really tempting. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Hope your break is awesome- time off at the holidays is so needed! Your books look interesting- and Trainwreck is supposed to be pretty hilarious I guess. Have a great week!

  11. Wait, there are more books of The Naturals after All In?! Ack, I thought it was a trilogy! I mean, if she can write more books for it then that's awesome and I'm sure I'll enjoy them, but I just didn't realize that when I committed to actually getting the books. Of course, I kind of have to anyways if I want to read them since they're sadly not with my library, or at least not the e-books.

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award

  13. I'm totally cheering you on to inish all of your grading before break! YOU CAN DO IT!

    Enjoy all of your new books too! :) Small hauls ARE better, because it doesn't feel overwhelming!

    Stacking the Shelves

  14. I hope you get to relax soon and get to be with your husband. I'm sure you miss him a lot :/ You can do this! Just one more week!
    I really enjoyed This Is Where It Ends. I hope you enjoy it in the end :)

  15. I really want See How They Run! Hope you enjoy them all. Thanks for visiting.

  16. At this point, you are SO close to your break (since I am always days behind haha) so you can absolutely do this! Hope that you had some time to relax, that kind of sounds blissful! I also feel you about the overwhelming feelings. It can be SO hard. I hope that it gets better for you soon!

    And I am VERY excited for The Unexpected Everything, it sounds so good! And I will admit to being nervous for This is How it Ends too. Because...well, you know. It's got to be heartbreaking. I need to see Trainwrecked too! Too much media, too little time ;) Hope you're having a great week!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight


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