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Waiting on Wednesday (85) Never Never

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Never Never 

Authors: Brianna R. Shrum
Publisher: Spencer Hill
Release Date: September 22, 2015

Link to Goodreads:

James Hook is a child who only wants to grow up.

When he meets Peter Pan, a boy who loves to pretend and is intent on never becoming a man, James decides he could try being a child—at least briefly. James joins Peter Pan on a holiday to Neverland, a place of adventure created by children’s dreams, but Neverland is not for the faint of heart. Soon James finds himself longing for home, determined that he is destined to be a man. But Peter refuses to take him back, leaving James trapped in a world just beyond the one he loves. A world where children are to never grow up.

But grow up he does. 

And thus begins the epic adventure of a Lost Boy and a Pirate.

This story isn’t about Peter Pan; it’s about the boy whose life he stole. It’s about a man in a world that hates men. It’s about the feared Captain James Hook and his passionate quest to kill the Pan, an impossible feat in a magical land where everyone loves Peter Pan.

Except one.

Why I'm Excited:

You know what this world needs? Another Peter Pan re-telling. Lol. I'm getting a bit wary of re-tellings and re-imagining, I'll be honest, but that cover! Yes, I'm shallow, but it's so pretty. This actually sounds pretty good, so I'm hoping it will be amazing.

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  1. I almost chose this one this week.too! Doesn't it look amazing! Can't wait!

  2. This one is going on my list! I LOVE retellings and I especially love Peter Pan retellings. Thanks for posting!
    My WoW is here.

  3. I absolutely love Peter Pan, so I definitely want to check the out. A lot of the retellings I have read recently are so disappointing though…hopefully this one since it focuses on Hook will be original and compelling. Great pick, Natalie!

  4. Ooh, a retelling! I hope it's as good as it sounds (I have been having such bad luck with retellings lately)!

    Great WOW

  5. DUDE. This is MADE of awesome. i think it's such a twist and I'm actually getting SO excited for it now. WHOA. Like, I'm in awe because usually there's a small bit of excitement. This is FULL OUT.

    My WoW, here!
    - Nova @ Out of Time

  6. YESSS. A PETER PAN retelling! I love them!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  7. Hmmm…not sure about this one, to be honest. Retellings are definitely hit or miss with me. I'll have to wait and read reviews…hope this one ends up being good! ~Pam


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